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Guernsey Surf Club AGM

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The GSC will be holding its AGM at Beau Sejour on the 24th May at 7.30pm.

Cold Water Classic

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Contest is On for tomorrow. After a winter of hibernating, the Guernsey Surf Club will be aiming to run the first of its 2017 contests this coming Sunday 19th March….


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News Release – on acceptance of the sport of Surfing to the Olympics Games 2020 Subject: British Surfing to participate in the Olympic Games 2020, Tokyo 9/8/16 NEWS RELEASE Today,…

Surfing GB becomes The English Surfing Federation

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After nearly two years of negotiations Surfing GB released the following statement today. The Channel Islands Surfing Federation has been recognised as a National Governing Body in its own right…

Surfing Etiquette

We all need to be aware and courteous in the water if we want happier lineups. Here are a few rules to live by

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Surf Law

If you really want to know all the legal mumbo jumbo about surfing in Guernsey and the insurance requirements it’s all here.

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Surf Hut Rules

The club has a storage facility at Vazon for boards but we do need to look after it. Find out more about the hut here.

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CISF Constitution

The CISF constitution was created as a set of guidelines to outline the aims, membership and subscription terms of the club.

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Shaping Up

Local shaper Paul "Mash" Machon
talks about why the Mini Simmons
is such a great board for Guernsey.

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Guest Photo Folio

We catch up with legendary
Aussie lensman Ted Grambeau
and take a look at some of his
incredible work.

Keep In Touch

GeoWolf brings new possibilities
for staying connected with friends.

On the road again

Al Harper & Rob Ozanne go on the
trip of a lifetime at a spot that breaks
boards and bodies. Check out the pics.

Featured Portfolio

Local lensman Pierre Bisson
takes us through some of his
favourite pics.

From where to go to what to ride. Check out all the tips.

Whether it’s local lineups, recent sessions or pics from on the road.

Share your surfing images here on the site by forwarding them to #guernseysurf via Instagram.

Oh and by the way guys and girls ... let's try and keep it clean!

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