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GSC Fantasy Surfer 2014

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As another year on the World Tour draws to a close the race for the coveted crown of Guernsey Fantasy Surfer Champ is coming down to the line. Chez leads the way with Vepo Surfboards and Pierre728 chasing hard on his heals. If you weren’t in the running this year why not sign up for the 2014 season. Just search for Guernsey Surf Club in the private club section after registering at

Lifeguard Training 2014

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Ok it’s a bit on the chilly side but here’s something to consider for a new years resolution… Ever thought about becoming a Beach Lifeguard – where you can work overseas patrolling the beaches, or even lead on to become a Surf Instructor? The GSS ran two RLSS Beach Lifeguard courses in September and October this year. If you are interested in doing courses next summer please get in contact with the GSS for more info. All candidates must be 16 years or older and must have some ocean/water skills. Ideal for those wanting to work locally or abroad and excellent for us surfers/beach users/parents wanting to learn some valuable life skills.
For further details please contact Steve on 07911 710789

Pollution Issues

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As many of you will know (and many actively participated) SAS came to Guernsey early in 2012 to petition the States to stop dumping untreated sewage into the ocean around Guernsey, most specifically the outlet at Bellegreve. In early 2012, the States of Guernsey decided to continue discharging raw sewage daily into their beautiful coastline.  65,000 people’s raw sewage and wastewater equals approximately 16,000 tons dumped at sea daily. Not pleasant. Studies show that Guernsey’s main discharge at Bellegreve creates a plume that moves anti-clockwise around the island with tidal flow. Because there is no treatment of the sewage, bacteria and viruses can survive in that effluent plume for many days, sometimes weeks and so this represents a huge health threat to those using the water for bathing and recreation. So the next time you get an ear infection you probably know where it came from.

This is an ongoing battle as the States have outlined in their STRATEGIC PLAN ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY PLAN that “The environmental merits of sewage treatment must also be considered against the competition for finance and resources generated by other projects including other identified environmental infrastructure. Setting a strategy for liquid waste management therefore presents an environmental, political, financial and resource challenge for the island.”

For more information contact Surfers Against Sewage