As Henry Rollins once said “The Brits love to talk about the weather because they get so bloody much of it” and for islanders such as ourselves that’s even more poignant.

Growing up in Guernsey in a pre-internet era I always cluelessly poured over meteorological charts, desperately tracking areas of low pressure that I thought might bring a ripple to our wave starved shores. Of course things are a little bit easier now, and thanks to the arrival of the Plummer family some years back now our collective chances of making the most of what we get are greatly increased.
Rob Plummer or “The Guernsey Weather Fox” as he’s better known to the majority of the island these days has been tirelessly providing us with daily weather and wave forecasts for several years now via Facebook and now his own dedicated site But just who is the mysterious Fox? We caught up with Rob at the tail end of the summer to talk about weather and waves.