Many of you will know Paul “Mash” Machon, and even more will probably recognise the incredible crafts he rides that are now starting to appear beneath the feet of more and more of the islands top surfers. Paul is the man behind VEPO surfboards, a venture started out of his St Saviours shaping bay that has come to focus on Mini Simmons surfboards.

The Mini Simmons is named after it’s originator Bob Simmons, a visionary surf/shaper from Los Angeles. Simmons’ greatest contribution to surfboard design was the application of objective hydrodynamic theory to the small planing hulls we call surfboards. For more on this extraordinary plan shape check out our news piece on the subject.

We caught up with Mash at his shaping bay and he talked us through his processes and inspirations. The vids a long one but well worth a watch. Oh and don’t forget So if you’re looking for something just a little different from your next surfboard or you just require a really good ding fixer contact VEPO for a chat.